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How Long Do Braces Take to Give You a Straight Smile?

March 29, 2021

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You’ve always hated your crooked teeth. For one reason or another, you’ve put off straightening them, but now you finally want to take the plunge. You can’t wait to love your smile! But how long will braces take to give you the smile of your dreams? Well, the average treatment time is usually around 24 months; however, the only way to know how long your unique smile needs to become straight is to let a dentist examine your teeth. Then, they can provide you a more accurate timeline. Here is some other helpful information to consider while you’re deciding whether to get braces.

Why Braces Are Worth the Time

Do the end results really outweigh all the hassle of braces? Of course! Not only does having a straighter smile help you have more confidence to let your smile show more often, but it also makes brushing and flossing much easier. Crowded, gapped, and misaligned teeth can create little nooks for bacteria and plaque to hide and accumulate, but straight teeth minimize these areas, allowing you to get rid of cavity- and infection-causing plaque.

The Braces Treatment Process

By learning how braces adjust the alignment of your teeth, you can understand the time it takes to achieve the end results. Before your dentist puts on the metal brackets and wire, they will take impressions of your teeth to create a “before” mold of your teeth. Once on, the braces exert force onto the teeth, causing them to move. Remember that these changes require shifting the teeth in the jawbone, so it’s a slow and steady process.

About every four weeks, you’ll need to return to your dentist’s office for adjustments. For a day or two following these appointments, your teeth will probably feel sore, but that just means that treatment is working! Over time, little changes to your smile’s alignment will become more apparent.

Factors That Affect the Treatment Timeline

Although treatment will require time, there are several parts of the process that you can control. You can make sure you attend your check-in appointments with your dentist. Delaying or missing these visits could prolong the time you’re in them.

Following instructions play an essential role in the success of your braces. For example, if you eat foods you shouldn’t or don’t modify how you eat certain foods, a bracket may break off, meaning you’ll need to go back to your dentist’s office to fix it. In addition, you can take excellent care of your teeth while the braces are on. Cavities or other complications can also slow down your orthodontic treatment.

When you achieve the final results, you’ll be happy you invested this time in your smile. Then you’ll be able to laugh, smile, and speak in public without worrying about what others think of your crooked teeth. All they’ll see is your confidence!

About the Practice

At Avenue Dental, we are privileged to have two skilled dentists on staff. Dr. Joyce Wong has focused her continuing education coursework on orthodontics and implantology. She has also lectured about general and cosmetic dentistry at Hong Kong University to Kanazawa Dental University students of Japan. With more than 26 years of dentistry experience, Dr. Stella Caballero has studied with the prestigious Dawson Academy. They share a passion for helping patients who would like to straighten their teeth through traditional orthodontics. To schedule an appointment at Avenue Dental, you can contact us through the website.

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