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4 Solid Reasons Why You Should Keep a Regular Dental Checkup and Cleaning

April 27, 2021

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You’re too busy. You think you do a good enough job at home on your own. You forget. You aren’t in any pain right now. There are plenty of excuses for not going to the dentist on a regular basis, but this is a serious mistake! Getting a dental cleaning and checkup every six months is critical to keeping your smile healthy and strong, and yet some people choose to not prioritize this appointment.

Whether intentional or not, if you’ve skipped this visit in the past, you need a dental checkup and cleaning routinely from now on. Need more reasons to get a dental checkup and cleaning? Read on to learn four!

Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits

Every month, you and your employer pay a certain amount toward your dental insurance. Although each plan is unique, most cover a large portion of the cost of preventive care. In fact, many companies cover these basic services completely, so you don’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket. If you don’t take advantage of checkups and cleanings, you’re basically throwing money away.

Catch Oral Problems Early On

When you get a cold, you may have hot soup or cough drops to help you get through it, but eventually you get over being sick and feel normal again without professional treatment. That’s not how oral issues work at all.

If you have a cavity or gum disease, it will not go away on its own. Over time, the problem will actually worsen and cause damage that you could have stopped with early intervention. It’s better to identify and treat issues as early as possible through your regular dental checkups than to wait and have to undergo more extensive work later.

Prevent Decay and Other Issues

No one wants to have tooth pain or get a broken tooth. Dental emergencies are never convenient or comfortable, and they often come with a significant bill. That’s why you should take advantage of every opportunity to stop them from happening in the first place. Brushing and flossing your teeth every day can make a big difference, but frequent professional cleanings can make sure that plaque doesn’t build up and lead to decay in the future.

Stay Healthy

Did you know that your dental checkups can also have an impact on your overall health? Some infections, like gum disease, have been connected to heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. In other words, by preventing gum disease, you can help the rest of your body function as optimally as possible.

While your dentist is looking for cavities and other dental issues, they are also keeping an eye out for signs of oral cancer, which is highly treatable when diagnosed early.

In the end, this routine appointment only requires about an hour of your time, but it could end up saving you tons of time and money down the road. It’s worth making room in your schedule or making sure you remember so that you can keep smiling and carry on with the rest of your life without worrying about your oral health.

About the Practice

At Avenue Dental, prevention is a high priority. Although Dr. Joyce Wong and Dr. Stella Caballero each have many years of experience repairing damaged teeth, they would much prefer to help patients keep their smiles healthy in the first place. In addition to their work at the practice, both Dr. Wong and Dr. Caballero have donated their time and expertise in volunteer clinics, such as Texas Mission of Mercy, St. Vincent de Paul Society’s “Access to Care” program, Capital Area Dental Foundation, and St. David’s Foundation, to help those who cannot afford dental care. If you are due for a checkup and cleaning, you can contact Avenue Dental through our website or by calling 512-382-0100 for our north location or 512-329-9900 for our south location.

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