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The Dangers of Wearing Ill-Fitting Dentures

December 27, 2021

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man holding his face because of ill-fitting dentures

After rolling out of bed, you start to get ready for the day by putting your dentures back in your mouth; it’s been many years since you received them, and they should be replaced. However, with your fixed income, you think you can get by with your old dentures. No, they don’t fit like they used to, but they’re better than nothing and will save you money—or so you think. Choosing not to replace ill-fitting dentures is a big mistake! Here are ways in which your old dentures can negatively impact you.


The chief complaint from those who wear poorly fitted dentures is that they are uncomfortable. Your jawbone is constantly changing, and your dentures need to change to accommodate your unique mouth. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with teeth that give you jaw soreness or place uneven pressure on your arch, potentially causing damage to any remaining teeth you have or the gum tissue.

Difficulty Chewing

Along with discomfort, ill-fitting dentures can make the normal daily task of eating much more challenging. Although it took a little time to adjust to eating with dentures when you first got them, difficulty chewing your food later on is a clear sign that something is wrong with them. Without the ability to bite and chew nutritious foods, you may quickly experience negative effects in other areas of your health and quality of life.

How Ill-Fitting Dentures Could Be Life-Threatening

In and of themselves, dentures don’t cause deadly disease; however, when they don’t fit properly, they can cause damaging inflammation. Basically, they can trap bits of food, bacteria, and traces of alcohol or tobacco, which irritate the gum tissue, and the body responds with inflammation to fix the irritation. Over time, consistent inflammation causes cells in the area to become irreparably damaged and can lead to cancerous mutations. In other words, if chronic inflammation continues, the chances of oral cancer increase significantly.

Oral cancer is the sixth most common type, yet it has one of the highest mortality rates. Although oral cancer isn’t necessarily difficult to treat when it’s caught early, it is often diagnosed and treated at more advanced stages, when the disease has spread or reached a stage where treatment is ineffective.

In the end, the potential risks of old dentures far outweigh the cost of replacing them. Invest in your health by having dentures that fit like they should. If you need new prosthetic teeth, contact your dentist to get custom dentures right away!

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