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Dental Crowns – Austin, TX

Seamless Repair for Damaged Teeth

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At Avenue Dental, we make every effort to help you preserve your natural teeth and keep them healthy. If you’ve suffered a painful cavity or fractured a tooth, we can still repair it. However, in these situations, sometimes a composite resin filling isn’t enough to rebuild a tooth. That’s when we can take advantage of a custom dental crown to give you back the tooth’s appearance and function. Do you have some teeth in need of restoration? Contact Avenue Dental today, and we’ll get your smile back on track!

Why Choose Avenue Dental for Dental Crowns?

  • Metal-Free Crowns Available
  • High-Quality, Durable Materials Used
  • Customized Care for Every Patient

What is a Dental Crown?

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A dental crown, sometimes called a cap, is a prosthetic that is placed on top of an existing tooth or implant to restore the portion above the gumline, which is also called the crown. Although they can be made of multiple materials, crowns are typically composed of durable zirconia to resemble natural tooth enamel. These restorations are used most often for teeth that have experienced significant decay or injury, have undergone root canal therapy, are small or misshapen, or have been replaced by a single dental implant.

The Dental Crown Process

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Once we determine that a crown is the best option for your tooth, we’ll follow these steps:

  • We will prepare the tooth. In some cases, this means treating tooth decay or removing damaged enamel to make room for the crown.
  • We’ll take impressions of your mouth and send this information to a dental lab. Before you leave our office, we’ll place a temporary crown to protect the vulnerable tooth while your custom, permanent one is being crafted.
  • When the lab has completed your crown, you’ll come back to our office, and we’ll bond it in position. If necessary, we can make minor tweaks to make sure it feels comfortable and looks as natural as possible.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Crown

man smiling with a dental crown in Austin

When a tooth becomes damaged, either from decay or injury, the sensitive center of the tooth (called the pulp) becomes vulnerable to additional harm, potentially causing you severe pain. Without treatment, the tooth may need to be removed altogether. A dental crown protects your tooth and allows you to keep using it.

Other advantages of dental crowns include the following:

  • Dental porcelain reflects light just like enamel, so it should blend in with your normal teeth.
  • A strong dental crown allows you to chew in comfort.
  • Crowns can be used in many situations for many kinds of oral health problems, as mentioned above.
  • Maintaining a dental crown is exactly the same as caring for your natural teeth. With daily brushing and flossing and regular checkups, your crown can last for 15 or more years.