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Periodontal Disease Treatment – Austin, TX

Protect Smile
from Infection

Woman with healthy smile after gum disease treatment

The dangers of gum disease should never be underestimated. Red gums and mild bleeding might not seem that bad at first, but at some point, you could end up losing your teeth, and the inflammation could have an adverse effect on your overall health by giving oral bacteria a chance to enter the bloodstream. Periodontal disease treatment from our Austin, TX dentists, Dr. Wong and Dr. Caballero will help you get your gum disease under control and potentially save your smile.

Why Choose Avenue Dental
for Periodontal Disease Treatment?

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Scaling & Root Planing

Patient receiving scaling and root planing treatment

Scaling and root planing is a special kind of deep cleaning that focuses on the gum line and tooth roots. It’s typically required when gum disease has already advanced past the point of being reversible with brushing and flossing. Scaling involves removing plaque and bacteria buildup from the gums, particularly the small spaces between the soft tissue and the teeth. Afterwards, root planing is performed to gently smooth out the tooth roots and give bacteria less places to cling to.

Antibiotic Therapy

Arestin antibiotic therapy pack

Bacteria can end up hiding in some very deep areas of your mouth during the most advanced stages of gum disease. To get rid of these microorganisms wherever they try to hide, we can place Arestin microspheres in the pockets between the teeth and gums. While inside the pockets, the microspheres will gradually release the medication they contain, killing off the remaining bacteria over a period of weeks. Antibiotics are typically prescribed alongside other forms of periodontal therapy.